Seismic & Earthquake Retrofit

Seismic and Earthquake Retrofit Contractors in Portland, Oregon

Welcome to Fault Line! We are Seismic and Earthquake Retrofit Contractors in Portland, Oregon, and the metropolitan area. Current seismic research has scientists in agreement that a powerful earthquake and tsunami will strike our coast within the next 50 years. Many, many homes in our area will suffer devastating damage when the quake ensues due to the fact that their houses are not anchored to their foundations. And without this basic anchoring to the foundation, insurance companies will not insure against earthquake damage. Our thoughtful professionals at Fault Line would like to assist you any way we can in preparing and safeguarding your home. We offer the following services:

  • Seismic/Earthquake Evaluations: comprehensive, professional engineered, easy to understand
  • House-to-Foundation Anchoring
  • Foundation Cripple Wall Upgrading
  • Professionally Engineered Systems
  • Sloped Site Footing Alterations
  • Chimney Strengthening
  • Whole-House Retrofitting

NEW! Oregon HazVu: Statewide Geohazards Viewer
The HazVu Map provides a way to view many different geohazards in the state of Oregon. You can enter the address for your home, school, business, or public buildings in your area to see what hazards might affect you. You can print the map you create.