Retrofitting Substandard Basement Foundations: Can We Afford It?

Quite often, installing foundation anchoring brackets in the basements of older homes is compromised by deteriorating concrete.  These older foundations deteriorate for a variety reasons, but the most common cause stems from poor cement and sand mixtures.  During a significant seismic event, lateral forces can cause disintegration of these substandard foundations.  There are many workarounds for this condition, most of them carrying huge price tags.  Fault Line’s professional engineering staff has devised an affordable solution to bridge the gap between inadequate foundations and monumental rehabilitation costs. Expertly engineered wood frame sheer panels are installed on proper footings in key load transfer sections adjacent to the concrete foundation. 

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We invite you to call us today to schedule an appointment to evaluate your basement foundation anchoring project.  Your safety (and guarding your wallet) is our first priority.